T-siHER2-NP™ for treating drug resistant HER2+ breast cancer:

Nanoparticle loaded with trastuzumab (HER2 targeting agent) and siRNA to knock down HER2

Cellular specific uptake; efficient HER2 knockdown, and treatment specificity of T-siHER2-NP™

A. Specific uptake to HER2+ cells over low-HER2 cells; B. Knock down >80% of HER2 protein; and C. Specific killing of HER2+ cancer over low HER2 cells

T-siHER2-NP™ can inhibit two resistant HER2+ tumor

– HCC1954 tumors were resistant to Trastuzumab and taxane (A), but responded to T-siHER2-NP™ (B).

– 60% HER2 knock down in tumors after 1 dose (inset of B).

C. BT474-TR tumors were resistant to Trastuzumab, but responded to T-siHER2-NP


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