About PDX

PDX Pharmaceuticals

Founded in 2010 as a start-up from the Biomedical Engineering Department (BME) at Oregon Health and Science University (OHSU) School of Medicine PDX Pharma has raised about $13.5 million of financing to date ($10M is non-dilutive) and is currently seeking private investment to conduct clinical trials of its first drug candidates, ARAC-02 and AIRISE-02. 


To improve human health and medicine through innovative therapies for various forms of cancer. We develop novel therapeutics based on our nanoparticle platform (Pdx-NPTM) for co-delivery of siRNA, drugs, vaccines, and/or immunotherapies.


Build significant value in our nano-based combination immunotherapeutics that address unmet needs in cancer treatment.


We specialize in the development of novel cancer therapeutics by combining nanotechnology and cancer systems biology. These patented drug candidates can overcome resistance of current targeted therapies and trigger cancer specific immune response. We are a leader in the field of advanced functional materials and nanotechnology (with over 60 peer-reviewed publications and 6 journal covered articles). We also specialize in the development of animal models of cancer for in vivo efficacy and safety evaluation of our drug candidates. In collaboration with the Knight Cancer Institute of OHSU, we also have strong expertise in combination therapies and precision medicine in cancer.


PDX Pharmaceuticals is located at OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing in Portland, Oregon. As of March 2022, the company has added a space at the Oregon Bioscience Incubator (OBI), which is within walking distance of OHSU.


Our technologies have been developed through support from NIH (NCI, NCATS, NIDDK, NIGMS, NIEHS, NIAID), ONAMI, OHSU, PNNL, and Foundations (Prospect Creek, Wayne D. Kuni & Joan E. Kuni, Gordon Moore, Hillcrest, Women’s Health Circle of Giving).