About PDX

PDX Pharmaceuticals 

Started in 2010 as a spinoff from the Biomedical Engineering Department at Oregon Health Sciences University School of Medicine. PDX Pharma has raised nearly $11 million of financing to date ($7.5M is non-dilutive) and is currently seeking up to $10 million to initiate clinical trials. 


To improve human health and medicine through innovative therapies for various forms of cancer. We combine expertise in nanotechnology and cancer systems biology to develop novel therapeutics based on nanoparticle platforms for co-delivery of siRNA, drugs, vaccines, and/or immunotherapies.


Build significant value in our nanomaterial drug candidates that address unmet medical needs.


PDX Pharmaceuticals is located on the 13th floor of the OHSU’s Center for Health and Healing in Portland, Oregon. 


We specialize in the development of novel cancer therapeutics by combining nanotechnology and cancer systems biology. These proprietary therapeutics have been shown to overcome resistance of current targeted therapies and to also trigger antitumor immunity in animal models. We are a leader in the field as a developer of advanced functional materials and nanotechnology (with over 50 peer-reviewed publications and 4 journal covered articles). In addition to nanomaterial development, we specialize in the development of animal models of cancer which are necessary for the in vivo evaluation of our nanomaterials. In collaboration with the Knight Cancer Institute of OHSU, we also have strong expertise in identifying the best combination of therapeutics to put on our nanoparticle platform that will yield the best treatment outcomes in multiple types of cancers.

Platform and Intellectual Property

We own a versatile nanoparticle platform capable of co-delivering siRNA, drugs, vaccines, and/or immunotherapies. This proprietary nanoparticle/method can load multiple cargo types at once: Oligo, adjuvant, antibody, chemo drugs and it is capable of targeted delivery of these cargos to solid tumors upon intravenous administration to achieve synergistic treatment. Given intratumorally, it can deliver siRNA and adjuvant to both cancer and antigen presenting cells, leading to effective in situ tumor vaccination which generates antitumor immune effects to attack cancer anywhere in the body.  The platform has also been used successfully to develop a COVID-19 vaccine with very promising results.