• our current focus

    Development of novel nanotherapeutic pipelines to enhance cancer-specific immunity

  • our strategy

    build significant value in our nanomaterial drug candidates that address unmet medical needs

  • The PDX mission

    We aspire to substantially improve health care using our nanotechnology platforms

  • About PDX

    About PDX

    PDX Pharmaceuticals (DBA Raksa Therapeutics) is a biopharmaceutical company leveraging novel nano- technology and cancer systems biology to develop next-generation combi- nation immunotherapies for cancer. We aspire to substantially improve health care using our nano- technology platform. PDX Pharma is conducting IND enabling studies of its drug candidates (ARAC-02 and AIRISE-02), both funded by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). The company is raising additional private investment to complete clinical trials by 2025.

  • Technology


    Nanoparticle platform (Pdx-NPTM) for co-delivering siRNA, drugs, vaccines, and/or immunotherapies. This proprietary nanoparticle can load multiple cargo types at once and is capable of targeted delivery to solid tumors upon intravenous administration (e.g., ARAC-02). Given intratumorally (e.g., AIRISE-02), can deliver siRNA and adjuvant to both cancer and antigen presenting cells, leading to effective in situ tumor vaccination which generates antitumor immune effects to attack cancer anywhere in the body.

  • Pipeline


    ARAC™: Systemic nano-immunotherapy for solid tumors such as lung cancer. ARAC™ can render tumors sensitive to immune checkpoint inhibitors.
    AIRISE™: Intratumoral cancer nano-immunotherapy that generates antitumor immune effects to attack metastatic tumors.
    T-siHER2-NP™: nanoparticle based HER2 targeted therapy for HER2+ breast cancer.
    PETTRA™: nanoparticle co-delivering PLK1 inhibitor and EGFR antibody as a targeted therapy and a radiation sensitizer for solid tumors.