PDX Pharmaceuticals raised $4M ($1.5M first milestone payment) in November of 2019 to take its new HER2-targeted therapy to clinical trials.

PDX Pharmaceuticals received the Series A funding from The Wayne D. Kuni & Joan E. Kuni Foundation, based in Vancouver. This will serve as a matching fund for the phase IIB SBIR award from the NIH (max of $4M) that PDX Pharma is eligible to apply as a phase II SBIR awardee.

PDX Pharmaceuticals’ first drug candidate is targeted for treatment of HER2-positive breast cancer, which accounts for about 25 percent of all breast cancers and has a poor prognosis, said Wassana Yantasee, president and CEO of PDX Pharmaceuticals. The current therapies for metastatic HER2-positive breast cancer have severe side effects and patients often develop resistance within a year.

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