Data on T-siHER2-NP(DTX) featured as a cover article in Small (IF 13)

PDX Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with the Biomedical Engineering Department of Oregon Health and Science University, co-authored a cover article published in Small Journal, which describes our nano-therapeutic for treating advanced HER2+ breast cancer.

The article describes how our nanoparticle platform (Pdx-NP™) can load 3 different classes of therapeutics, including HER2 siRNA, docetaxel (chemotherapeutic) and trastuzumab (anti-HER2 antibody) and deliver them to a breast tumor at once. By co-delivering these therapeutics, T-siHER2-NP(DTX) can overcome resistance of HER2+ breast cancer to the first-line treatment regimen, while improving toxicity by specifically targeting HER2+ cells.

To read the paper, click here