PDX Pharmaceuticals has published recent data on PDX-001 in collaboration with the Biomedical Engineering Department of Oregon Health and Science University. PDX-001 is a targeted nanoparticle for delivery of therapeutic siRNA for treating HER2+ breast cancer. The development is in collaboration with OHSU. It has been funded by a fast-track phase I/II SBIR contract from NIH/NCI as well as angel funds (the Prospect Creek Foundation and Schwab Charitable Trust).

The work published in Oncotarget (IF=5.008) reports an optimal HER2 siRNA screened from 76 potential sequences. The HER2 siRNA on PDX-001 demonstrated its utility in overcoming intrinsic and acquired resistance to trastuzumab and lapatinib in 18 HER2-positive cancer cell lines. We provided evidence that the drug-resistant cancer maintains dependence on HER2 for survival. Importantly, cell lines did not readily develop resistance following extended treatment with HER2 siRNA. With PDX-001, systemic delivery of HER2 siRNA to trastuzumab-resistant tumors resulted in significant growth inhibition.

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