June 12, 2021
PDX Pharmaceuticals, in collaboration with the Knight Cancer Institute and the Biomedical Engineering Department of Oregon Health and Science University, co-authored a paper published in the Advanced Materials Journal, which describes our immuno-nanotherapeutic candidate, Augmenting Immune Response and Inhibiting Suppressive Environment of the tumors, AIRISE-02.

AIRISETM is based on co-delivery of selected therapeutics (siRNA and adjuvant) to trigger anti-tumor immune response. AIRISE-02 is injected locally to the tumor, and uses that tumor as a depot of neo-antigens to train the body’s own immune system to attack cancer elsewhere in the body (e.g., untreated distant or metastatic tumors). The paper shows results in melanoma, breast, and colon tumor models.

62% cure rate (complete regression of both treated and untreated tumors; survival monitored up to 500 days) was achieved in an aggressive melanoma tumor model, when AIRISE-02 was combined with immune checkpoint inhibitors. On the other hand, in this same model, no cure was achieved with immune checkpoint inhibitors alone.

To read the paper, click here.