PETTRA (PLK1 and EGFR Targeted Therapy and Radiation sensitizer): C-siPLK1-NP™

C-siPLK1-NP to augment radiotherapy (RT)

Nanoparticle (PDX-NPTM) loaded with cetuximab (EGFR-targeting antibody) and siRNA against PLK1.

C-siPLK1-NP targets EGFR+ cancer cells and reduces PLK1 expression, resulting in reduced DNA repair capacity and G2/M arrest to sensitize cancer to radiotherapy.

C-siPLK1-NP enhances RT sensitivity in vivo.

The combination of C-siPLK1-NP and radiotherapy (RT) significantly reduced tumor growth compared with RT or C-siPLK1-NP alone in NSCLC tumor-bearing mice.


Reda M, Ngamcherdtrakul W, Gu S, Bejan DS, Siriwon N, Gray JW, Yantasee W. PLK1 and EGFR targeted nanoparticle as a radiation sensitizer for non-small cell lung cancer. Cancer Lett. 2019 Dec 28;467:9-18.