ARAC™ – systemic nano-immunotherapy for tumor not accessible for local treatment or injection

(Antigen Release Agent and Checkpoint inhibitor)

Nanoparticle co-delivering a kinase inhibitor and immunotherapy to kill cancer cells and unleash the power of the immune system

ARAC™ reduces effective dose of drugs by 5-fold in metastatic lung tumor model and the effect is immune (CD8) mediated.

Adjuvant loaded ARAC™ leads to cure of lung cancer mice. 

ARAC™ kills cancer and render PDL1 low tumors responsive to immunotherapy


Reda, M., Ngamcherdtrakul, W., Siriwon, N., Bejan, D.S., Reda, S., Wang, R., Nelson, M.A., Zaidan, H.Y., Hoang, N.H., Bindal, A., Mills, G.B., Gray, J.W., Yantasee, W. Development of novel immunotherapy based on nanoparticle co-delivering PLK1 and PD-L1 inhibitors for lung cancer treatment. 2021, PREPRINT