AIRISE is an Innovative, Next Generation Immunotherapeutic.

(Nanoparticle-based Augmenting Immune Response and Inhibiting Suppressive Environment of tumors)

For the CO-DELIVERY of selected therapeutics (siRNA and adjuvant) to trigger anti-tumor immune response.

AIRISE utilizes a local treated local tumor as a depot for neo-antigens in situ to trigger adaptive immunity (cytotoxic T cells) that kills tumors everywhere in the body.

AIRISE is an off-the-shelf drug with personalized effect without tedious neoantigen identification in conventional vaccines.

In-situ tumor vaccination triggers adaptive immune response.

AIRISE improves the effect of checkpoint inhibitors and raises survival rate.

Only 3 doses of AIRISE are effective in bilateral melanoma mouse model.

Both tumors were substantially reduced; owing to CD8+ T cell response (confirmed by CD8 depletion).

Mice were cured and were tumor-free for > 17 months even after tumor rechallenge, indicating memory T cell effect.