Career Opportunity: Postdoctoral Researcher (Cancer Molecular Biology and Immunology)

PDX Pharmaceuticals currently has an opening for a “Postdoctoral Researcher: Cancer Molecular Biology and Immunology” position.

PDX Pharmaceuticals, Portland, Oregon, is seeking an outstanding Postdoctoral Researcher with experience in cancer molecular biology and immunotherapy to join our pre-clinical research program. Experience in cancer therapeutic development (e.g., mouse models, cancer biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, and immunology approaches) are big pluses.

This fellowship focuses on applied and preclinical research into drug candidates based on PDX Pharma’s patented nanoparticle platform for treating cancers and infectious diseases. Our current focus is on nanoparticle-based siRNA therapeutics, vaccine, and novel cancer immunotherapy. The candidate will work on joint research projects between PDX Pharmaceuticals and Oregon Health & Science University (OHSU)’s department of Biomedical Engineering. Experience-based learning opportunities can be adapted to prepare a fellow for an academic or industry research career depending on the individual’s focus.

Applicants should be within 3 years of obtaining their PhD degree (with exception on a case-by-case basis).

Primary Responsibilities

· Plan and execute toxicology studies and bioanalytics essential for IND applications of PDX Pharma’s drug candidates.

· Lead innovative projects that expand the scope and capabilities of the technology.

· Work in a highly collaborative and cross-functional team environment to execute experiments, analyze results, and communicate findings.

· Plan and conduct day-to-day experiments (e.g., molecular assays, cell culture, mouse cancer models, mouse handling/experiments), literature review, and trouble shooting.

· Contribute to grant proposals and manuscripts.

· Supervise Research Assistants.

Required Qualifications

· PhD in molecular biology, cancer biology, immunology, or other related disciplines

Preferred Qualifications

· Expertise in cell culture and molecular biology techniques (e.g. RPPA, RNASeq, CHIP-Seq, multi-color flow cytometry, multiplex assays, protein (cytokine, antibody, antigen) production in organism and purification)

· Experience with immunological assays (e.g., ELISA, ELISPOT, T cell stimulation)

· Experience with in vitro and in vivo reporter assays (e.g., luminescence, fluorescence)

· Experience with gene-editing tools (e.g., CRISPR, viral vectors, electroporation)

· Experience working with mouse tumor models (e.g., xenograft, syngeneic, GEMMS, PDX, UV/chemical-induced) is a plus

· Strong communication and interpersonal skills

· Detail-oriented, good record keeping, responsible, and willing to work flexible hours

· Good at teamwork and like to take on new initiatives and challenges

· Knowledge in nanomedicine

· Knowledge in drug mechanism and cancer biological pathways

· Knowledge of the drug development pathway and FDA regulatory hurdles

To be considered for a position, please submit your cover letter,
unofficial transcript and CV/resume to and

Job Type: Full-time

Salary for this position aligns with the NIH scale but may be higher based on experience and skills.